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- Unofficial initiative, serving the C.C.R. and the Roman Catholic Church
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Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Bangalore, India. Past and present history of the indian renewal (in paricular in Bangalore)

Catholic Charismatic Renewal in England What's happening in the catholic Charismatic Renewal, articles,features and more...

Chariscenter The National Service Committee serves the Church in its primary mission of evangelization through the power of the Holy Spirit. It seeks to strengthen the Catholic Charismatic renewal through networking, teaching, leadership training, and encouragement.

Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Sweden (NSC) Many nations have a National Service committee to promote CCR. AKKS is the NSC of Sweden.

Escritorio da Comissao Nacional da RCC

Katholieke Charismatische vernieuwing in Nederland (Paesi Bassi) Official web site of C.C.R. in Dutch

Malta Catholic Charismatic Renewal Topics: Taghrif Dwar, Il-Konferenza 98', The National Service Committee, Prayer Groups in Malta, contact Persons, Teaching, Material, Christian, Send Your Prayer.

Prenova Articles from their magazine, a mailing-list and a group list of the RCC in Slovenia.

Renovacion Carismatica Catolica - Espana The ufficial site of Spanish's National service committee.

Renoveau Charismatique Catholique au Canda The canadian council of the Phrancophon Catholic Charismatic Renewal serving Charismatic groups and communities.

Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo Il sito ufficiale di: RnS, fondazione Alleanza, Cooperativa Musica e canto e Edizioni RnS (Presto attivo il catalogo online). Ancora in costruzione, ma promette bene.