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- Unofficial initiative, serving the C.C.R. and the Roman Catholic Church
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Atlantic (CCR services) This body shall be responsible for discerning, directing and leading the Regional activities of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal of the Atlantic Provinces

Belo Horizonte (RCC Arquidiocese de)Serving the members of Catholic Charismatic renewal of Belo Horizonte Arcidiocese (Brasil)

Bridgeport (Charismatic Renewal Service of ) The Charismatic Renewal Services of Bridgeport is here to help Christians in their spiritual walk with Jesus

Casa "Shalom" (RnS Puglia) sito ufficiale del RnS nella regione della Puglia

Cincinnati (CCR in the Archdiocese of -) This is the official web site for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. It is dedicated to the praise and glory of Jesus Christ. It is our hope that you can find prayer groups, events and other information that may help you in your growth.

Cincinnati and Covington (CCR at-) The Regional Service Team is committed to serve the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in our region by assisting Catholic prayer groups through networking, leadership, and training.

Hexham & Newcastle Diocese (Catholic Charismatic Renewal in-) This is the official Web Site of the Diocesan Service Team for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Hexham & Newcastle Diocese.

Inland Empire CCR (Diocese of Spokane) Topics: Introduction, Events, Masses, Prayer Groups, People, Are you Charismatic?, Testimonies.

Manitoba (Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of) To accomplish our mission, we seek to provide vision and leadership to the Catholic Charismatic Renewal by empowering the people of God through…..proclamation, formation and communication.

Melbourne (CCR - Archdiocese of - Australia) What is CCR?,LATEST NEWS!, Prayer Groups, What’s at the CCR Centre, The Prayer Meeting, Coming Events, Monthly Events, Bible Studies, CCR & the Church, Prayer Requests, National Contacts, School of Evangelization, Links to Other Sites, Testimonies, Articles & Poems, Scripture.

New Orleans (Catholic Charismatic Renewal of ) The Web Site for the Catholic Charismatic Renewal located in the New Orleans area (CCRNO). From the time Fr. Harold Cohenwas prayed over for the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by a college student in 1969, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal has been flourishing in the New Orleans area and has profoundly impacted the entire southern region of the U.S.

Peoria (CCR of the Diocese of) Topics: 1999 Conference,Letter from Bishop John J. Myers, Pope John Paul II s Address to the International Charismatic Community, Testimony, Testimonio (en Espanol), Testimony (Cindy), Prayer group information in your area, Organization and Mission Statement.

Primada de México (RCC - Arquidiócesis - ) You will find here interesting info about our movement and the Diocesan Pastoral Team, news on meeting and one newsgroup.

Saccre web pages Singapore Archdiocesan Catholic Charismatic Renewal (SACCRE). Topics: latest news, saccre, catholic charismatic renewal, training + formation, articles, prayer groups, thoughts and testimonies, teachings, calendar, prayer corner, books and tapes ministry, take a break

San Francisco (Catholic Charismatic Renewal of -) Topics: Fr. Joe Landi's Diary, Articles of Spiritual Enlightenment, Scripture For Today, Catholic Tours, Catholic Best Sellers, Christian CD's, Catholic Videos, What Makes a Christian Charismatic? Who Are We? Articulos en Español, Local Charismatic Events, Our Business Sponsors, Prayer Group Meetings: (San Francisco) (Marin) (San Mateo), and Other Catholic Sites.

Sicilia Sito ufficiale dell'associazione Cattolica 'Rinnovamento nello Spirito Santo' per la Sicilia.